It’s one of those weeks…

Seems like everyone is away because it’s spring break?

It’s been so slow in the salon it’s insane. I feel like the salon is a desert and there’s a tumble weed rolling by as the wind whistles fiercely….

Haven’t made that much money in tips and I’ve had very few clients this week. At least this Saturday is half booked so far.

I wonder what it’s like in a doctor’s office this week. Although it’s been slow today, I’ve actually enjoyed it, just talking to my peers and relaxing.

I feel almost stuck.. whether to freelance or stay in a salon?

I’ve always been such a head strong, free-spirited, independent individual. It’s usually my way or the highway. I’m getting restless working for someone else’s dream.

I want to be in charge. In charge of everything! I like to do things a certain way and provide the best customer service.

I love traveling to different locations and not being stuck in a salon all day. I feel like a trapped bird in a cage when Im at the salon at times.

If I leave I’ll be able to do more weddings, agency jobs, and photoshoots.  And more free time! I’m aways working six days a week or seven for the past four years!

Maybe I need a break and see how freelancing goes..?