“My boyfriend is in town…”

Sometimes you come across very funny people. I love people who always come in the salon with a great smile and attitude. People who bring laughter, they are just so charismatic.

My client “Tara” came in today and I asked her how her hairstyle lasted from her last appointment. She said oh my god it was great, but it didn’t last. There was one big problem. Well, my boyfriend is in town and well you know! I totally wasn’t expecting that from her but we had a pretty good laugh about it. She was getting her hair done today for a surprise slumber party she was throwing for her friend’s 50th birthday and needed it to last 3 days. As soon as I was done I told her “Make sure that man doesn’t mess up that hair!”

Then the old lady who works at a clothing department store. Wow. I will never forget this. This was quite a while ago actually. Whenever I shampoo somebody, I like to take my time and give a nice firm massaging scrub. Well I was washing this lady’s hair and she starts moaning a bit. “This is better than sex! This shampoo lasts longer than my husband!”, she says . Well we both started cracking up laughing and I said “Well I’m glad I could help you reach your climax.” Yikes lol