The End…

…to whatever chapter this seems to be in my life. Today was the last at the didn’t feel like I was leaving for most of the day. As it was getting closer to closing, it started to sink in. One of my co-workers said I was quitting because he sang too much lol. He played with my hair and sung me one more song. My other co-worker which I nicknamed “fairy godmother” really touched my heart. Its amazing how you can become so close to people they feel like family. The bosses let me know that the doors were always open and wished me luck. It felt a little awkward cleaning out my station.

Some people were really supportive and some people just didn’t seem to get it. Its interesting how there is a “hidden world” in the beauty industry but it’s not for everyone. I need to make sure it’s for me so I’m taking a leap of faith. I feel like I’m repeating myself all over again from my last blog kinda lol. Anyways, my agent signed friend got to do touch-ups for celebrities!!!! She only had to do two touch-ups, worked from 9pm to 2pm and got paid $1000. Oh and did I mention that she got to sit around and drink champagne?! Yes. I told one of the “new” hairstylists at my job that my friend got paid to do an hour gig for $750..and she looked at me in disbelief. Yes people, the “hidden industry”! But it’s not for everyone, it takes alot to get signed.

Anyways..tomorrow will be the first day as a freelancer. Tun tun tun..