My First Day…

I’ve been so spoiled with new experiences at such a young age. So Friday was my first official day as a freelancer. I had a trial scheduled later on that day in Pennsylvania. I got to wake up at a decent time and slowly go on with my day. I actually had the time to unpack my kit and thoroughly clean and pack it back neatly. It felt so wonderful not having to feel frustrated about going to the salon. I didn’t come home from my trial until 12 at night! And i had to wake up at 4am to go to a wedding the next day by Point Pleasant beach. The view was simply amazing. The minute I came home I simply collapsed on my bed.

Then I went on a little getaway, for like the first time ever. It was so beautiful I actually teared. I feel like people don’t go away often. We are so busy and caught up in our complicated or simple lives. Spent a few days in New Hope, PA and stayed at such a gorgeous Airbnb home.

The minute I came home it was like reality slapped me in the face. My car started smoking on the way home and basically I don’t have a car right now 🙁 Then my cat peed on my bed and my bestfriend is mad at me. Yikes. Life just got a little crazy but I am not going to stress it. I have to make things happen, start contacting people and learning new skills. Networking!

Life truly is a roller coaster….