Life goes on..

I feel disappointed that I have written in a while. It annoys me when bloggers don’t post for a long time and then reappear out of no where but I just did the same thing lol. Sometimes you just don’t feel like posting anything or you’re just enjoying watching Grey’s Anatomy too much ! Season 6 lol Anyways…

Last month was killer!!! I made the sam exact of money I would have made by working at the salon 40 hours a week just by working weekends. But things are starting to change. This weekend we don’t have any weddings! Yup NO WEDDINGS!!! Freaking me out. Only 7 weddings lined up for this month of July.

I ended up assisting for hair this past Sunday… I did 5 up-dos. The girls loved it! My boss thought I was doing such a great job she even let me do the mother of the bride. (I usually just do makeup) Soo I leave thinking I kicked ass at hair to only find out that when I left all the girls except one asked my boss to re-do their hair. WTF!? (I wish I took pictures of the hair so you could see) I felt so bad but you know what hair isn’t my main thing even though this blog says ….makeupartist was taken lol . We are still in the beauty industry people! lol So yeah I was really disappointed but my boss gave me a really sweet pep talk after and said not to worry about it we are still always learning. I love her to death.

She wants me to do her makeup for her engagement pictures this coming Sunday and….tun tun tun. Her wedding is next year in Jamaica….so she’ll be paying for my flight there and I get to do her wedding makeup. Those pictures are going to look amazing because she booked one of the best photographers ever! So excited about that.

And……I will be back.