The truth about the beauty industry…

I am sure when people ask you what you do…& your response is “I am a hairstylist or I am a makeup artist” their view about you completely changes. In society it feels like the only respectable & prestigious careers are:

  1. Doctors
  2. Lawyers
  3. Engineers

Especially for immigrant parents…they come to this country to better their lives & the lives of their children. They have sacrificed leaving their families & sometimes risked their life…so they expect a lot from their children. That’s where I came in, instead of the expected doctor “i was supposed to be”…I decided to not even go to college.

I started working in a salon when i was 16. 2 years down the road I met a very inspirational person…she wanted to hair & makeup when she was younger but her parents wanted her to go to college. So she went & became a manager at Merrill Lynch….after working there for a while she quit her job with benefits & paid vacations to pursue her childhood dream of hair & makeup.

The other day she got paid $1,350.00 for 2 days of work basically doing nothing. More than what she made at Merrill Lynch in a week. Isn’t that surprising?!This was for some political campaign & all she had to do was powder their faces.

It really gives hope..there are many more opportunities working in the beauty industry other than just being stuck in a hair salon or spa.

Right now she is making near $10,000 doing what she loves to do & works a max of just 14 days out of the month. Hairstylists & MakeupArtists don’t get the respect they deserve.

So I’m excited…if I can just get to that point…also considering I went to a technical highschool so I didn’t have to pay a cent for my cosmetology license. Making bank with not too much of an investment…although I did spend a lot of money on my hair & makeup kit. My hair & makeup kit plus advanced training & education…probably around $6,000. This is over a 5 year period….build your kit slowly if you’re trying to be a makeup artist without going broke. Unless you’re loaded..go ahead lol


This is some hair & makeup I did for a photoshoot yesterday…turns out I’m good with volume lol. I am so happy I got to work with this photographer again from a year ago. I can’t wait to share the pictures with you.