Gave me life again…

So lately I’ve been going through a couple troubles…sifting through emotional baggage & going through difficult situations. (This blog has totally become a diary lol)

I’ve been extremely sad & praying to God for a little help out of my deepest despair…

The next day I was given a beautiful day full of Laughter, Joy, & THE GREATEST FEELING OF BEING APPRECIATED <3

I woke up at 3:30 am for an Indian wedding (I had only 2 hours of sleep) …thankfully it was close to my house. The venue actually ended up being the place where I had my Highschool Prom lol So when I got there I was again flooded by emotions & memories …thinking I didn’t make the best of what I had.

The day went on..& the party started. I was surrounded by beautiful people with big hearts…I thought makeup couldn’t touch the depths of my soul anymore..I think it was more the feeling of being appreciated I received

Hugs from strangers who I only met twice….surprisingly gave me so much comfort.

These people reminded me of someone special…very special ..someone who would never think I thought that of them. And I realized it was okay..everything was going to be okay.

Life is a party….for Indian weddings..the ceremonies never stop…& I loved that.

I hadn’t laughed so hard, smiled so much, & felt that appreciated in a looong time.

I won’t forget how the bride’s family members hugged me so sweetly & thanked me so much ….

Among gorgeous people, we had drinks & food…& danced a little.

I was grateful from the bottom of my heart for such a perfect day….I needed a day like this so badly…today was wonderful too..& I am forever grateful for prayers answered.

I will always look forward to more days like these…



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Ahhh….it feels good to just be plain & simple & just put things out there…

I hope you all had an awesome day & if you didn’t I hope tomorrow is awesome for you…Fall is coming…it feels so good 🙂

& an apology for those who thought this blog would be all about my hair…sincerely my apologies guys…

Goodnight or Goodmorning wherever you are <3