Late for the bride…

What a freaking day!!! Another almost nightmare…that turned out perfectly fine.

So this morning I woke up @ 6 am for a wedding in East Brunswick, NJ …at 8 am

I knew it was somewhere down the parkway from my house so I didn’t put the GPS right in my phone when I left the house. The GPS wouldn’t load & I couldn’t make calls. I pull over into a service area & go into Mcdonalds to see if anyone could plug in the address on their phone so I could take picture of directions. The only guy that would help me, his phone wasn’t working either.

So I wasted 10minutes of my time for no help, but I knew I had to go further down the parkway. Someone at a toll was able to get me to East Brunswick but not to the exact address. I pull into another store to get directions & I couldn’t find the street I had to make a turn on.

I stopped at another store & finally got wifi….I’m 5 minutes away from the venue only to find out when my coworker calls me again that the bride gave us the wrong address.

At this point I’m done before I even get to the wedding & its already 8 am. I have no wifi so I can’t get anywhere. My coworker tries to give me directions over the phone but again I couldn’t find the street she was talking about. (For some reason I was able to accept calls but couldn’t make any) I had to stop at another store for WIFI. I was never so frustrated & ended up getting there around 8:40 am

I thought shit was going down but I worked efficiently as I could…my coworker & I finished on perfect time. Our speed had totally made up for us being late & we had a happy bride.

There was one hiccup. The lighting in the hotel room was very dim & my bride’s makeup looked gorgeous….in the hotel.  We ended up staying with her for an extra hour at the venue to do touch ups.

So the photographer is doing her first look with the groom & we start doing touch ups in the broad daylight.  Oh dear God, I was mortified…her coloring was a little off & I was so upset. It was nothing major but I am a real perfectionist.

So here we go… I’ll be investing in some professional makeup lighting. I am so tired of all these dim hotel rooms with awful lighting & uncomfortable chairs to work with.

My kit is being upgraded to extreme fanciness. Studio lights & a studio chair at the perfect height so I don’t feel like I’m breaking my back.

Still researching what lights to get but so far I like these the most…

I love the fact that you can put your phone, tablet, or camera in the middle & ADJUST THE LIGHT TEMPERATURE. That is my favorite & it’s not too expensive either.

What do you guys think? Any recommendations?

I can’t wait to get my bride’s pictures back & see how they came out.

Hope you guys are having an awesome Labor Day Weekend <3 🙂

Love you a bunch <3


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