My 5 minute Interview

As you guys know, well those of you have been following, (this is for the newbies) I quit my salon job in the end of May this year. On the side from the salon job I’ve been working as the key MakeupArtist for a bridal team. Working both jobs was great, I had the double the income but I was always so exhausted.

Well it was really funny how literally a few days right after I left the salon, my car broke down. My KIA Spectra started smoking on me in the middle of the highway, the car got so hot the wires melted and the engine was shot. Anyways I got another car & it broke down on me too lol. So after that I finally got a band new car & there goes $8,000.00 this summer on cars.  Isn’t that wonderful?!

Bridal season is a little slower for Fall but it’s busier than I thought. I figured I could earn a little extra money to help with this financial burden by working at Dior Beauty Counter.

That was the quickest interview of my life! I was really nervous about it too because I haven’t been interviewed in two years. Well I basically didn’t get the job based on my availability. They needed someone who was available weekends, and she said that was the case for all the beauty counters at the I guess I’m not meant to work at a beauty counter. I think it would have been a great experience.

Anyways just a little update on my life & journey <3 🙂

Hope you’re having a great night or morning or afternoon lol wherever you are :*