Building a Makeup Artist / Hairstylist Portfolio

I am going to share with you my goal: Become an Agency Signed Artist

I am so grateful to have been introduced to a life in the beauty industry outside the salon.

Thankfully I have made connections with people who have become extremely successful. To all of you struggling to become a successful artist , surround yourself with people who have been where you are & have what you want.

I have learned so many ins & outs of this Industry thankfully to doing that. Go to seminars & workshops, go network with people!

I am finally building a legit portfolio. No more crappy test shoots with amateur photographers from ModelMayhem. Model Mayhem is a wonderful place to start though! It’s a website where you get to network with other artists, photographers, models, wardrobe stylists & so much more. I have done many test shoots from there but now I feel it is time to amp up my portfolio & bring it to another level.

I am soooo sooo excited, this is something I should’ve done two years ago but really I just don’t think I was ready.

My professional website got deleted so all my data is gone & I had to start all over. That is ok though because I am getting new images.

my website:

Right now it is a bit of a mess but I’ll take care of it soon.

Hopefully with my new portfolio I can get more awesome agency jobs 🙂 <3