How to become a Hairstylist

Please who ever wants to be a hairstylist, please read this blog

So I have to say I am a little heartbroken actually…

I left a salon I wasn’t really happy at a few months ago & just freelanced. It has been going fairly well, making the same amount of $ I was making at the salon but then life happened & I was ambushed by some unexpected expenses.

Freelancing isn’t steady so I thought I would get a salon job to supplement my freelancing & work up from being an assistant all over again. I left the other salon as a junior stylist, even though i really didnt get any formal structured training. I felt like I was just thrown in the water and everyone would watch & see if I would sink or swim lol

If you’re looking for a salon  & really want to be an established stylist

Ask about training!!!! Don’t take any job at a salon just because it’s a job. Your career is at stake & many salon owners can take advantage of young girls & thats what happened to me.

Ask them what the time frame is to become a full fledged stylist & what it takes. When do the classes take place, who educates in the salon, will you be sent to classes & workshops?

If so, does the salon pay for it or do you have to chip in?

All questions I wish I would have asked & would have saved myself 2 years.

If you get a job at a salon & they promised you training & a few months pass by & you still havent received training….ummm get the hell out of there! I know it is hard when you live on your own & you just have to pay bills…please dont be scared, just look while you’re still working & don’t leave a job until you have another one to replace it. That is what I did wrong. I was paralyzed with fear.

The reason why I am saying this is because I just had an amazing heartbreaking interview a few hours ago with an amazing couple who owned their  salon. They really made you feel like family…..what broke my heart was this…in order for them to invest any time & training into me , I would have to give up freelancing & work for them full time.

My real goal in the end was just to be a freelance artist for a big artist agency & get my training through a salon….what a journey

Please stay tuned….for those of you who have questions, please go ahead & contact me 🙂

I don’t bite & would love to talk. <3