Melanie Mills Highlighter

How lucky are you to find out the secret products of a makeup artist lol

I really love blogging…ok let’s not get off topic!

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Hollywood Film Festival GLOW Collection


If you are not a makeup artist you probably don’t need all of the shades & you can purchase them separately.

This radiant dust is truly amazing. It gives off such a gorgeous glow & I use it on almost all of my clients. It smells amazing & a little goes a long way. You can use it as eyeshadow too & i love adding a little bit on lips & my cupid’s bow !






-DHA- free.

-only tested on celebrities and not on animals.

You can get some here : Melanie Mills Radiant Dust on Amazon

Just In case you are interested you can watch my Makeup Transformation where I do use this highlighter : My Makeup Transformation Youtube video