I was scammed…Part 2

Hello lovely creatures of this Earth <3

In one of my past blogs I explained how I was scammed by this jewelry company by the name of Mirina Collections who wanted me to be an “ambassador”.

Here is the link to my first blog:

I was scammed

I only received 3 out of the 11 items I ordered which weren’t even of quality shown on the website. They sent me two other items that I didn’t even order!!!! I disputed the charge to my credit card company & my account was credited.

Then I received this email from them:


Are you kidding me?


The company who took my money &  didn’t ship 8 of the items I ordered & the 3 items that were sent were not of the quality shown on their website. Talk about theft!

Whatever you do please do not purchase anything from this company!

These people will contact you through Instagram asking you to be an ambassador & giving you a big one time discount for items that are worse than $1 store quality.

My lovely creatures, you are warned!

Have a lovely day & avoid being scammed!

Lots of Love