Makeup Forever Mattifying Primer

Hello Lovely Creatures <3

In my last blog I spoke about trying many oil control primers & I finally found something that works.



Only 1 setback: I feel like you have to be really careful with the amount you put on & make sure to blend it into your skin rapidly. Otherwise you’re left with a very white splotchy base on your t-zone & then you have to put in more work into applying your foundation in order to cover it. This is the only bad thing I have to say.

Besides that I really love how it feels the minute I put it on, has a very “sealing” effect on my skin I enjoy.

You can find it at Sephora for $37.00 (in the U.S)

Btw you won’t find it cheaper on Amazon lol


Hope you are having a wonderful night or morning wherever you are!

Love You <3