Coastal Scents Makeup

Hello Gorgeous People of this Earth <3

Now I mostly like to use high-end products on my clients & myself…

However I’ll let you in on a secret lol

When I first started about 5 years ago, I bought really cheap makeup because it was all I could afford at the time. I used mostly E.l.f, Coastal Scents, & Bh Cosmetics.

Boy have we come a long way, but I must admit I still have coastal scents in my kit believe it or not.

I have even seen Katy Perry’s celebrity makeup artist teach a makeup class using a very inexpensive Coastal Scents Eyeshadow Palette.

I keep the cheap shadow palettes to use on myself at times but what I really loved was their Camoflauge Palette. I still love it today & it has been through hell & back, also melted in my car lol

I just loved the consistency & the colors it came with. Oh and the price lol


You can get it on Amazon:

Or on their website :

Especially if you are on a budget & just starting out, I totally recommend this.

Alrighty, well I hope you have a great morning or night wherever you are!

Love You



  • Their Revealed palettes are great dupes for the Naked palettes. I use my Revealed 3 palette more than my Naked 3 palette!