The Secret of being a Successful Artist

I have seen much from being in this beauty industry for almost five years now. I see people ruin their chances of success & ruining network relationships.

One of the key secrets of this business is attitude! Yes that is right…ATTITUDE!

You never know who knows who & what networking capabilities they have. You are sometimes just a connection away from a great opportunity.

We live in a world of customer service & it is important to always have a smile on even if inside you feel like differently inside.

People can be sensitive to the energy around them especially when they are in your chair.

If your client asks you to change something about their makeup or hairstyle, graciously make that change for them. There is no reason to get upset or catty. Your client is paying you for your service & it is important to give them what they want.

You want a happy client since word of mouth is the biggest referral. It can either make you or break you.

It is important to stay humble & embrace fellow artists. It breaks my heart when people act like everything is a competition & are incapable of genuine happiness for another’s success.

Stay gratfeul for those who help you…just common sense of good karma.

For those of you who are shy reserved artists…you need to break out of your shell & speak up. I was once shy too & at the core I still am but people see a friendly outgoing person.

People may mistake your quietness for something else.

By no means am I asking you to be something you are not or pretend to be this high energetic bubbly machine.

There must be balance.

Keep on smiling.

& Keep a client happy.


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