Threading Eyebrows…Gone Bad

Hello Gorgeous Creatures!

So a couple of posts back I was talking about my First Threading Experience & how it was so painful I cried but I was amazed that the technician was done in literally 5 minutes & my brows looked BOMB!

Threading Brows

Well I went to my favorite Nail Salon the other day & I always knew they did threading so because I was already there I decided to get it done.

I know so many people out there who say it doesn’t hurt like waxing, but my experience was still painful the second time.

Except this time I felt like I got a rug burn by the thread, OMG my brow area is still soooo sensitive. I can feel the burn without touching it.

Not only that but my brows have never been so thin…not since I was 15….

Example A:


I mean brows look non-existent.

To be honest…I think I will never ever get my eyebrows threaded again. I’m sticking to waxing 🙂

BTW Loves..I created a Holiday Glam Makeup Look on the Youtube <3

Holiday Glam Makeup Look

Hope You Enjoy!