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So I decided to make a page on my blog dedicated to being thrifty but staying beautiful!

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How to get a $20 Sephora Gift Card

Here I share an application called Cross Media Panel …a company who pays people to allow them to study how we as consumers use the internet!

I’ve received over $80 this year from them by literally doing nothing.

You just go to their website to sign up, they have you download their software on your computer & if you want to make more money, you can download it on your phone too. You’re done, that is all you have to do and you get paid!

I’ve watched videos & articles about apps that make you money but whenever I try them, either the app isn’t even in the App Store or the website doesn’t exist or it is simply a stupid sweepstakes.

I can guarantee you’ll be making $ & I’m just trying to help my sisters & brothers out 🙂

Another amazing app that literally puts money in your Paypal or Venmo account is Ibotta.

You get paid to go shopping…even grocery shopping! This app was so useful especially for Christmas because even though I was spending alot of money…I was getting some back.

You simply… unlock deals, go shopping & then submit a picture of your receipt & expect your $ in your account. It is literally that easy.

Here is a link:

With my referral code you earn $10! You can just click on the link or manually put in the code: ushancj

I will never stop being a makeup junkie with these apps lol

Let me know how this works for you!

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