Tanning Through The Winter

Thinking about getting a little artificial color to help you through these wintery months?

Personally I am not a tanner myself but I know many people who try to keep a summer glow year-round & as a Licensed Cosmetologist I am here to help.

DIY Tanners

Most at home tanners are pretty inexpensive and you can slather it all on in your own privacy. Just make sure you get a tanner thats a little lighter and use that to slowly and gradually build your desired color.  However, be careful in your application. It’s not as easy to thoroughly blend the lotion all over your body evenly. Be sure you aren’t left with any missing spots or blotching. You might need a friend’s help for an even application.

The only “DIY Tanner” I have ever tried is the Jergen’s Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. It is so beautifully subtle yet effective. I was extremely happy with the results & I whole heartedly recommend it. Just make sure you rinse your hands when your done otherwise they get a little orangey.

Spray Tanning

This method of tanning is actually pretty quick. When you set up the appointment at your salon or spa make sure you give yourself enough time for a thorough consultation.  You need to give yourself time and see how you feel about your tan. Keep in mind that you may need to have multiple visits to get your desired color.

Airbrush Tanning

It is recommended to get your airbrush tanning a few days before an event to look its best.  Airbrush tanning usually takes 30 minutes and lasts up to 10 days. Remember to exfoliate your skin prior to tanning to help with its longevity.

What tanner are you going for?