Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Long hair is going to be back in the trends for 2017! <3

screen-shot-2017-01-12-at-9-07-23-pmI don’t know if you love it or hate it but I am totally loving it. I have always had long hair myself except for one time in my life when I was ten years old & had a short coconut bob with bangs. It was horrible & I wish I could find a picture to show you. Anyways..everyone is always asking me how to grow your hair longer and what products are good for their hair.

First of all, it’s important to be kind to your hair in the first place. Everyone is always coloring their hair, lightening it (there is where the real damage is) , and torturing their hair with super hot curling irons & flat irons.

Give Your Hair A Break! I know what you’re thinking…well then how the hell am I supposed to style my hair?

Rollers are a blessing! A few rollers in your damp hair gives you shine, bounce, & volume. Not only that but it doesn’t allow your split ends to fray out as much. You will notice a huge difference on your split ends. I really like those Flexi Rods. Huge Game Changer!

Another much overlooked component is your diet. It is important what you put into your body. Eating high nutrient foods & taking supplements helps. The best thing you can take is Biotin which not only helps your hair grow but your nails & enhances your skin too. However, make sure you drink plenty of water or you could break out.

Stimulate your dermal papilla! It is located at the base of your hair follicles. Whenever you are in the shower shampooing, give your scalp a really good intense massage. It stimulates the dermal papilla which is responsible for stimulating hair growth by delivering a constant supply of blood and nourishment to the hair root. If you’re too tired just ask your boyfriend or girlfriend to give you a scalp massage. It is so relaxing!

So remember, try to lay off all the hair lightening/coloring, heat, and drown yourself in vitamins! Oh and Massage!