Surrounded by perfect images of “perfect” women on Tv, magazines, and basically everywhere, it was a world that intrigued me. Replicating the idealistic view of beauty has been a passion. I was always found as a little girl with red lipstick in one hand sitting cross legged in front of a mirror or chasing my younger sister trying to smear her face with it. It is important for me to help every human being feel good about themselves when they see their reflection. I attended a technical high school where I received my cosmetology license and decided not to go to college. Welcome to the journey…

This bog isn’t necessarily about hair styling products or makeup reviews although once in a while I’ll share. . I wanted to create something with more substance….something deeper than the surface of beauty.

Here I share the struggles and accomplishments of being in this industry & apparently everything else in life. I want to help other artists in the beauty industry become successful in their careers. In fact, I want to help anyone in any career someday. I share every tips and tricks along the way in hopes that you will avoid the same mistakes I have made. I truly believe we are all in this together.

On top of sharing Trade Secrets of the beauty industry, I am here to share secrets of every subject I delve into. Bare with me.

This started as a beauty blog & then also became a diary of almost everything as I grew passionate for other subjects.

How It Started

It all began while scouring the internet one night trying to find someone’s journey of becoming a hairstylist. I couldn’t find a blog that was consistent enough so I decided to start my own. I have rekindled my love for writing by creating this blog and it inspired me to start a separate blog for my poetry.

I hope this blog serves of some value to you.



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Disclaimer: I look nothing like this in reality …lol

I am a very confusing complicated creature.


Birthday: January 15

Astrological Sign: Scorpio Moon Capricorn Sun

Favorite Color: Black

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