Throwing away perm rods…

What they don’t teach you in beauty school are all the things you will have to do as an assistant. Everyone has to pay their dues and you just have to climb the ladder up. Some newbies straight out of beauty school have the misconception that as soon as they get in the salon they will be behind the chair. No no no my dear. Haha if only it worked that way. It takes so much patience and dedication, persistence and determination. As of right now, I am only a junior stylist. So whenever I don’t have a client in my chair…. I’m assisting everyone else and taking care of the salon. Whether that is answering phone calls, folding towels, or washing tint bowls, it can get pretty boring. Today consisted of sorting through old perm rods (maybe 30 years old lol) and throwing all the bad ones out. How fun?! Not a single client today but that’s ok, it makes me more grateful for the days where I am almost nearly booked solid. No time for assistant duties then. I’ve only been in this salon for 1 year full time so I will just take a deep breath and have faith that soon I won’t be an assistant anymore….

I am new to this blogging thing, it is something I always wanted to do. I’ll be sharing you my journey from the very first day.