My 1st Ipsy Bag

I have heard about IPSY for so long now & have always wanted to try it out but always ended up putting it off. I mean for crying out loud it is only $10/month.

I figured it would be a great way to try out products for my kit because I am getting tired of what I already have.


So in my Ipsy Bag:

  • Lasting Smiles Organic Vanilla Bean Lip Balm

I personally don’t like the smell of this..I think it is a little too intense. It is very moisturizing though & I love that it is organic.

  • Benefit The Porefessional Pro Balm

This reminds me of a similar product : L’Oréal® Paris Magic Perfecting Base Face Primer..& I actually think I like the L’Oreal one better.

  • Skone Brow Wand Eyebrow Pencil

This is the most perfect eyebrow pencil shade! I love it’s fine point and precision.

  • Eyeko Skinny Smudge Proof Liquid Eyeliner in black

I bought a mini Eyeko mascara kit years ago & I loved it so much! However when I finished it, I just never went back to get more for some reason. You know how that is! Anyways they aren’t lying when they say it is smudge-proof which is amazing!

So that is all that was in my Ipsy Bag. I was expecting something a little more from all the hype but I do think this is really cute. I can’t wait to see what is in my next Ipsy Bag.

I would also like to see what other beauty boxes are out there to compare & I will get back to you on that.

To sign up for Ipsy you can use this referral code:

Love You


I hope you are having a wonderful night or day wherever you are!