Stop Breaking Out From Makeup!!!

Hello Beautiful!

So I had one of my clients ask me the other day what she can do to stop breaking out from makeup. She told me that whenever she goes anywhere else to get her makeup done, she always gets a rash.

So here is the trick:

You should only be using Hypoallergenic & or non-comedogenic makeup.

Hypoallergenic means it is highly unlikey for it to cause an allergic reaction.

Non-comedogenic means a product is formulated to not clog your pores.

There also might be some specific ingredients that irritate you, so whenever you get your makeup professionally done, you should always ask what products they’re using. That should help narrow things done.

Also, be very careful what primer you are using before you apply your foundation. That is a key player!

I once had a bride who broke out from her makeup trial. I was baffled because no one has ever broken out from my makeup application. I also used Temptu Airbrush Makeup which is Oil-Free, Paraben-Free, Fragrance-Free, Non-comedogenic, Hypo-allergenic. Then I realized I had used a MAC Radiance Primer on her & realized that was it! So the next time around I used Eve Pearl Priming Moisturizing Treatment & her skin was flawless.

You can get it here:

I truly do recommend airbrush makeup to anyone who is highly comes out of a machine so you never have to worry about growing bacteria on your makeup sponge or brush. The Temptu brand is the best! The airpods are the best for consumer use.

Here is the link:

Anyways I really hope this post was helpful 🙂 <3