Huge Lash Deal – Starting at $1 @ Secret Beauty Store

Hey Gorgeous Creatures! Where are all my lash addicts because this post is important?!

As a MakeupArtist you always need a stash of lashes for your clients. I truly believe that lashes just complete an entire look. At the pharmacy or any beauty supply store they run anywhere from $3 to $5 per pair. If you are always using lashes…the costs do add up to a pretty penny.

Then I heard of this place called the Garland Beauty Supply.Here is their website:


I seriously love this beauty supply because the lashes start from $1 a pair. However you have to purchase at least $200 worth a product to make an order from them. That is the only downside but as an artist it is totally worth it! You can find a fellow artist & split it with them and you’ll both get a pretty sweet deal from it. I took a small screenshot from their website of the huge variety they have. It runs from natural all the way to avant garde feathery & colorful lashes. Some of these lashes are perfect for Halloween and I even think they have a pair that glow in the dark. I haven’t bought anything other than their lashes so I can’t speak on their other products.

I have bought a gazillion lashes from them and they have lasted me for years now just from one purchase I made. I moved and I am running out of space in where to store all these lashes lol. I am also extremely picky and there are some lashes I will just never use because of the style even though they are gorgeous.

So I am selling a lot of the lashes on Ebay for about $0.50 a pair.

Wholesale Eyelashes 184 Fake Eyelash Pairs

I am selling almost 200 pairs of lashes for just $100 with free shipping!(only within the U.S & I am willing to ship internationally but you would have to pay for the shipping)

Anyways I hope this post helped in lowering your beauty costs 🙂

Lots of Love <3