Microblading – The New Brow Trend

We used to tweeze our brows so thin in the 90’s & now we are back to thick full arched brows. Microblading is almost as popular as the eyelash extensions. I feel like this trend has been getting really hyped up.


Microblading is actually a semi-permanent tattoo. The ink is applied with tiny micro needles under the skin. The ink that they use is a bit different than actual tattoo ink so it requires maintenance. They say you need a touch up every 12-18 months.

The actual process takes up only 20 minutes but your first visit will be anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half so the technician can truly customize your brows.

I am not a fan of going some place new that I haven’t been referred to when it comes to my beauty. I always ask around & research for reviews before I can actually trust them. I really suggest you do the same before you put your brows in someone’s hands…literally.

It is extremely important to make sure that the technician you are going to is following standard sanitary regulations. No one wants to walk out with gorgeous brows and Hep C. The tools they are using must be sterile.

I know some fellow artists who have gotten them done in the past and they loved it! They did say that after a while it fades out a bit & turns into an ashy color. They described as almost being blue so up-keep is definitely a must.

I found an awesome Beauty Youtuber who has gotten microblading done & shares her experience.