The Guide to Lashes

The Guide to Lashes

Individual Extensions, Cluster Add-Ons , or Strip Lashes ?
Whether it is your special day or a night out…here is what you need to know!


Individual Extensions:
These are individual synthetic eyelashes that are bonded to your natural eyelashes by tweezers and a special adhesive. These usually vary to three different looks based on your comfort level and how natural you want them to be.

-The lashes stay on for up to 4 to 6 weeks depending on your lash growth/shed cycle.

Does require maintenance if you want to keep them looking beautiful for months after your wedding day

-The most expensive lash enhancement method

Looks vary from natural to dramatic depending on your choice

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 5.32.14 PM.pngCluster Add-Ons
These are 3 individual eyelashes (usually synthetic) bonded together to form lash clusters. These are also applied to your natural lashes with tweezers and a special adhesive. Clusters may not look as natural as individual extensions and they usually last for the maximum of 4 weeks. You can purchase a kit & do it yourself.

On Amazon:

-less expensive than individual extensions

-gives a very natural look

Strip Lashes
These are lashes glued on a strip that are applied with a much more gentle adhesive than clusters or individual extensions. Usually the adhesive does contain latex so if you are allergic, please ask your makeup artist to apply them with a non-latex glue. Your makeup artist will apply the best lashes for your needs.

-lasts a maximum of 2 days

-looks vary depending on what you want to achieve (very natural to dramatic)

-can gently be taken off and re-used for another occasion

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I hope this guide helps you pick out which lashes are best for you! Let me know how it goes 🙂 <3