6 Ways on How I Gained 100 Instagram Followers In A Few Hours – Grow Your Instagram Audience

The Truth

I’ll be completely honest and transparent to tell you that when I first started on Instagram I wanted instant gratification.  This is a big mistake and I would recommend you not to buy Followers. It is not genuine, it’s misleading, and on top of that you won’t be able to measure organic growth.

I forgot which company I used to buy about 10,000 Followers but in the end… they all got deleted! Yupp all of it but I am actually happy that happened even though it was a waste of money. I want my audience to be organic and I want to pinpoint my growth. People love transparency and I personally love when people are just being real.

The Beginning

When I first started this blog, it wasn’t really a secret but I didn’t tell anyone about it either. I never posted it on any social media platforms and I just kept to myself. It was something I did when I was bored but one day I decided to take this blogging thing serious after doing it for a few months.

I can’t tell you how important is to promote yourself and I let the world know I was the author of this blog. If you want to grow an audience, you need to put yourself out there.

Now that we got that out of the way… Here are the 3 things I did the other day…and since my audience has been growing gradually… in 2 ½ days I gained 213 Followers.

Strategy for Followers

1.Join an Instagram Pod through Facebook.

If you’re wondering what an Instagram Pod is:

A Pod is a community or group of people (could be on any social media but we are talking Instagram here) who cheer on for one another. Usually it’s a group chat through Instagram’s Direct Message where you share your posts and you all comment or like eachother’s post. I signed up for another Pod after my success with my first one.

2.Sign up for Gramblr

Gramblr is a free platform that allows you to upload pictures on Instagram from your computer. You have the opportunity to earn “coins” by liking the pictures of other Instagram users.  You can redeem your coins for your Instagram picture to be featured on Instagram’s Top Posts. Since I started using Gramblr I have noticed a significant increase in engagement, likes, and followers.

3. Engage with Non – Followers

Search for relative hashtags to whatever your niche is and engage with the community. Like other people’s posts & comment. People usually return the Love <3

4.Upload High Quality Content

Anyone can post a picture but if you want your Insta to thrive, you must upload high quality images that capture your audience. If you go on my Instagram and scroll further down, you’ll see the difference of resolution and quality. You will also notice that recently I’ve created somewhat of an aesthetic theme. If you don’t have a high end camera to take amazing photos..don’t worry I got your back! I created a FREE Stock Photo Directory where you can find Beautiful Images without paying a single penny 🙂

5.Follow everyone you are friends with on Facebook.

Just click that damn button! Lol I know I was a little hesitant but I did it anyways. You should be proud of the content you create and share it with the world 🙂

6.Follow all of your contacts.

I couldn’t believe how many people I had on my phone that I didn’t even follow on Instagram already. Your contacts will most likely engage with your posts.

Tip: Track Your Results

I highly recommend you track you results. Since I first uploaded this post I gained 1,000 followers and it has been only 2 months. The goal is to keep you guys up to date with real-time results.

So here it goes..I’ll be coming back to add more data once a month.

April 23, 2017 : 3,448

July 13, 2017 : 3,608

August 3, 2017: 3,637

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August 10, 2017: 3,710

October 22, 2017: 4,042

November 4, 2017: 4,146

February 13,2018: 4,722


Consistency is key…if you’re not posting everyday (quality content) then you’re going to have slow results like I am. You need to stay relevant. The algorithms are constantly changing and sometimes it’s a bit difficult to keep up with it but have patience.

I hope this post helps 🙂 Also please feel free to post your Instagram Handle in the comments below and I’m sure people who are interested will engage. Just please in a few words describe what your instagram is about. ex; lifestyle, beauty, etc

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