My first salon…

At 16 before I even received my cosmetology permit, I started working at a salon. It was right around the corner from where I lived and it was small , really small and cute. There weren’t any young girls. Just older women who were already established there for years. The woman who owned the place , well lets call her Claire, didn’t have any children but she was married. You could tell she didn’t because she never had any patience for anyone or anything. She was nice though and so was everyone else.

In this salon, I did my very first bride! She was already in her 30’s and I’m pretty sure she had no idea I was 16. At that age I was mistaken to be in my early 20’s. It’s funny because now that I’m 20 , everyone thinks I’m 16-18 years old lol. Anyways, I was so happy to do my first bride but I never got any pictures sadly. (I should have taken pictures with my phone but I wanted the professional ones)

One day, a man named “Jesse” started working in the salon and he was the biggest jerk! Whenever you didn’t get something right, he would embarrass you. It was awful and I started to get really uncomfortable working there. ( Now I’ve learned to stand my ground, and I don’t let anyone talk down to me. So if anyone treats you like that, I would consider having a polite and stern conversation with that individual.) Working in a salon environment has its ups and downs just like any other work environment. I ended up quitting, and I took the summer off. Then I found a place that was a bit better… it was amazing actually. You just don’t know what you have until it’s gone and I find that to be especially true when you’re really young. But that’s for another blog…the salon that felt like home?