The salon that felt like “home”…

In these four years of being in the beauty industry, I have only worked in 3 different salons.

  1. The tiny salon right around from where my parents lived
  2. The sweet “boutique feel” salon that felt like family (home)
  3. The Upper class medium sized salon that was poorly managed

Sometimes I think of them and wonder what my career would be like if I stayed. I wonder if I would have been a senior stylist by now and be extremely confident in my skills. The boss (Momma Bear will be her name) , was the most amazing woman ever. She was funny and she made you feel warm and welcome. She gave alot of herself and loved her business and her employees. They were always training and I loved everyone there.

Now you’re asking me why I left huh? Well I was still in highschool in my senior year and we had a program called c0-op which allowed us to leave school early to go to work. The bus would drop us off and everything. At the time I was only working here just on Saturdays, I was being payed minimum wage and she couldn’t really afford for me to work more days. Also money was extremely important then because I “needed” to save a lump sum of money to move out when I graduated  Highschool so I left. I miss them alot! Sometimes I feel like I should stop by and say hello but “life gets busy.” As life goes on I see that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and no place is exactly perfect.

At first things may seem new, shiny, and great to only lose it’s luster when you find out the truth….

Next the bride who lost her veil….tun tun tun ?