The passion…

Where does the passion go?

When you’ve been doing something for a while, do you burn out? Does this go for everything?

Everyday, do you look for something to inspire you?

Do you fall in love with the person you are with in a different way each and everyday?

And if so do you apply this in your field of work? …whatever you do. I’m pretty sure most of us don’t.

Can you listen?

I have watched and listened, only for a little while.

Listened to stylists interrupt their clients right when they are trying to explain what they DESIRE.

Watched clients show a picture of their vision of beauty to their stylist only to walk out of the salon with something completely different.

Beauty, so difficult to capture at times and to understand and see through the eyes of others.

What is beautiful to you? What is beautiful to me? It can be so so different.

I feel surrounded by a bunch of “Red Giant” stars……dying stars. Stylists who have been doing this for far too long. People who just don’t care anymore.

Maybe it’s time for a move….but where?