The time flew by…

IMG_7342The day was over before I knew it. No clients after 6 pm and we were out of there!

Thinking today was just going to be another slow day, my boss actually asked me to ask my other boss to teach me short haircuts today. I was shocked and couldn’t believe he brought up training today. What a twist considering they are upset that I am barely there on weekends because I’m working somewhere else (bridal business.)

So…our new stylist Tracy took over the class. I decided we would do a graduated long bob.

I learned

-stance is incredibly important. You don’t want to use you back. Use your hips & legs…(if that makes sense to you?)

-bringing everything to the center will naturally create the angle you’re looking for

-Undercutting- will allow the hair to move under so it’s easier to style

-the beginning of the cut will just be straight across