I was scammed

So about a month ago I was contacted by a company through Instagram called Mirina Collections.

They have a bunch of other accounts doing the same thing. They contacted me to be an ambassador & to promote each other & I would receive a huge discount & discount codes I can give people.

The website looked really beautiful, seemed legit. The jewelry looked amazing but when I got it I was sooo disappointed. The quality was sooo cheap it was disgusting.


The only item I liked was the black velvet choker which I found cheaper on amazon.

It is half the price on amazon, the exact same one!

Here’s the link : http://amzn.to/2clMWoe

I still haven’t received the bathing suits I ordered.


  • Oh wow I got contacted by them as well but after reading your review, I am so glad I didn’t end up working with them! The necklaces on their website and on the ambassadors look so gorgeous but now that I see your pictures I definitely see that they are not the same at all. And they cost so much, I really thought they were of a better quality than this!

  • Omg! Then I am sooo sooo happy you came across this! I know they make it look so beautiful online …thankful I was able to save someone money & some grief. I spent like $300 on them!!!

  • Tosom

    Thanks for sharing!!! We should beware from such accounts.

  • Thanks so much for sharing!! It’s such a shame, there are so many people who take advantage of others for their own greed! 😪

    • Your welcome, you won’t believe what happened..I disputed the entire amount to my credit card company & I was shocked by the email Mirina Collections sent me…accused me of theft when I never received some of the items I ordered..how crazy is that?! I’ll be sharing details in my next post

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