M.A.C Pigment Colour & Iridescent Loose Powder


It is so hard for us makeup artists & junkies to not go crazy when you walk into a makeup store.

I was in M.A.C the other day & decided I needed pigments for I forgot what lol

The one on the left is M.A.C Pigment Colour Powder in Vanilla.

The one on the right is M.A.C Pigment Colour Powder in Melon.

I originally wanted to purchase a gold pigment…now that I have been using these for a while, I think I might want to try other pigments.

In the middle I have M.A.C Loose Iridescent Powder in Silver Dusk which I bought a while ago..maybe even 2 years back.

I just went on their website to find that they don’t even have it anymore & in it’s place they have a Pressed Iridescent Powder in a Champagne Pearl kind of color.

Had I realized I still had my Silver Dusk, I wouldn’t have bought the Vanilla M.A.C Pigment. This happens to me so many times lol.


A little swatch without any mixing medium so you can see the raw power of these pigments.

In order: Melon, Vanilla, Silver Dusk

I usually use Vanilla in the inner corner of the eyes for many of my bridal clients. These pigments are great I guess but I am more excited to try other products.

I think I’ll be delving more into glitters now that I am scrolling through Instagram 🙂

For you curious cats who want to see my Makeup Transformation: