Where is the money…?

It feels a little weird not having to rush to a job every morning. It feels a little scary when i don’t see money coming in everyday. Don’t get me wrong I love not having to rush somewhere that I am not completely happy at. I love knowing no one is the boss of me …except my mom lol. Anyways…I guess I’m just going to have to get used to it. I needed a reality check. Soooo…not many freelancers talk about how much money you make or the taboo stuff. I guess I feel more comfortable talking about this since no one truly knows my identity on here. Last Saturday I did a wedding by Point Pleasant beach, I made $400 for doing the bride and 8 of her bridesmaids & ontop of that gave me $160 tip. So Saturday I made $560 and $40 from a trial the day before. So for two days work kinda, I made $600. I am sure this is chump change for some people but for a young kid my age (I’m 20) and didn’t go to college so I think this is ok.

I just typed in on google, being a freelance makeup artist and the first thing on the list is an article from makeupgeek. And here is one line I don’t think I completely agree with….”Makeup artists are not rolling in the dough, so if you want to become one for any fame or fortune, pick another career.” This might be true for your average makeup artist, makeup artists who aren’t working on big clients. I feel like this can apply to most careers: you can either be your average Joe’s lawyer or you can be Oprah’s lawyer. You can be average Joe’s accountant or you can be Donald Trump’s accountant. See where I’m going?

As I mentioned before, my agency signed artist friend sometimes makes $1000 just for 1 hour of doing hair. It was hair but sometimes she does makeup too. She also just got a cool job the other week from her agency called the Upfront where all she had to do was touch-ups from 9pm – 2am and got to see all these celebrities: Miley Cyrus, Jlo , Arnold Schwarzenegger and more. She ended up doing 2 touch ups and sitting around for the rest of the time drinking champagne. Getting paid to sit around and drink champagne wtf right?!

Anyways I’ll be spending my day reading every single article of being a freelance makeup artist and researching.

Here’s the second article I came across that I really liked: