Everywhere I went..people were criticized to the point of no return…in my head. Everywhere I went…I had to give everyone a makeover…in my head. There was always something wrong….sometimes rarely there still is. But yesterday I realized my perspective has changed for a long time.

I feel like I’m seeing through different eyes. I saw an older asian woman who was pretty slender. She had this gorgeous head of hair. It was short. I’m usually not a fan of short hair. But she had finger waves. I saw the beauty in every wave of her black thick hair, and the beauty of her slender arched back. I saw the beauty in a tall woman washing her hands at the bathroom who had medium mousey brown hair….something i naturally hated about myself. I wish I could speak & say this aloud.

I will…baby steps. I’ve been hiking during the days…. and I’ve grown to learn I am a nature person. No one in my family can believe that the girly girl goes hiking and actually wants to go camping and white water rafting. And I also see beauty in nature…the gorgeous vibrant green. It is so soothing. I’m seeing beauty everywhere…and I feel it. Is it possible to feel beauty & love everywhere because I do. In every “creature”…living or not. In the sky …the trees..the grass ..people. I wish more people would smile.

Do I sound crazy lol?

I’m writing this…as I listen to Koop Island Blues.

I can appreciate the gift of music now too <3 IMG_1103