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Hey Guys so I thought this post would be beneficial to all those who are bloggers, bloggers trying to earn an income, and for the curious cats out there.

I feel like blogging is almost like a Youtube Channel, you work really hard for a long time before you see any money unless your channel or blog goes viral of course.

I have been blogging since April 2016 sparingly as a hobby and then one day I decided to dive into it as I fell in love with writing again. As I immersed myself into the blogging world I realized that some people were making a full time income from Blogging! This totally blew my mind and with some research I learned how to monetize my blog as well.

I do not make a full time income from blogging & actually no where near that as of 02/3/17 ..I’m going to have to come back to edit this post some time in the future lol.

I got my first paycheck in December 2016 after blogging for 9 months and it was still pretty small. Many bloggers do not make any “real” income until they have been blogging for 2-3 years but of course there are a few exceptions out there.

I love seeing how people are earning money, how much they’re making, what new things they’re trying, and more.

Reading them each month is very motivating & inspiring and I hope this list inspires you too.

Here are some Monthy Blog Income Reports: …(P.S MONTHLY)

  1. Just A Girl & Her Blog:  $40,124.00
  2. Smart Passive Income:   $151,137.88
  3. Club Thrifty:                     $27,453.00
  4. Pinch of Yum:                   $95,197.34
  5. Retired by 40 Blog:          $3,328.10
  6. Single Moms Income:     $8,872.31
  7. Rose Vibe:                         $11,440.13
  8. Making Sense of Cents:  $102,911.00
  9. Coming up Roses Blog:  $1,412.42
  10. Mostly Morgan:               $3,600.00

I provided link to all of their blogs & they share some useful information on how they created that type of Income.

If you are serious about blogging than I would get a self-hosted blog & domain through Host Gator and build your website with WordPress. The reason to go with a self-hosted blog is that you will be able to monetize your blog more effectively and have complete creative control over your blog. I started my blog with instead of so when I switched over it was a little complicated and very stressful.