Make Money From Blogging – Ways to Monetize Your Blog

The internet is a beautiful thing & technology is forever changing the world. There is so much money to be made of the internet! People are quitting their jobs to become full-time bloggers. By no means am I telling you to quit your job to blog but it is a great opportunity to make lots of money. It does take quite a while to start making $ but if you are consistent & patient, you are on your way to riches..literally! I also love being self-employed and the ability to create your own schedule is amazing <3

Money Blog

Make Money Blogging

I knew nothing about blogging but I took the plunge. It was something that was so therapeutic to me & writing was something I had a passion for growing up.

The first couple of months (April 2016- August 2016) I would only post a couple times a month & had less than 50 visitors each month. In fact the total # of visitors I had to my blog from that time period was only 145. I wasn’t being consistent as I thought I was going to & aspired to be.Β  I also did not advertise my website whatsoever.

Then in September of 2016 I decided to write more & market my blog & show the world I was the author of this blog. I started sharing my blog on my Facebook & Instagram & Pinterest.

Then everything changed once I learned you could make money from blogging.
I came across a blog, which I found through a Youtube video.Β  She was a twenty something college escapee that was making $4,000 off her blog almost each month after blogging for a year or so!

She shares monthly income reports and shows you where her revenue is coming from.

So far I’ve been able to create an income using:

-WordAds or Google Adsense

-Amazon Associates Program

-Affiliate Programs

WordAds places ads on your blog & does all the advertising & placement of ads for you. You won’t get paid until you reach the minimum of $100 in earnings for the payout.

Amazon Associates Program allows you to get links on products which you can place on your blog. The reader doesn’t have to purchase the same product you advertised but as long as they buy something within 24 hours you can get up to 15% in commission. If they add something in their cart it is 30 days. Their minimum payout is $10.

If you are a business on Amazon, you can also use the Associates Program to make money on referral fees ontop of your sales. This is something that I personally confirmed with Amazon about

There are so many affiliate programs out there and they all have different requirements & payouts. I believe that you should only recommend products you truly trust & believe in too.

Share a Sale is a platform that connects you to affiliate programs. You can sign up through my link

If you are a Beauty Blogger, think about using Sephora as an affiliate program, you just need a certain amount of traffic to your website to apply here.

There are other blogs that have many more sources of income and make thousands of dollars a month. I have been doing more research on the monthly income reports of blogs. I found a food blog that made $70,000 in profits a month! Isn’t that insane! The Monthly Blog Income Report post can be found here.

I promise to share more tips & secrets on creating money online as I go along πŸ™‚

Hope this post opens your eyes to the opportunities on the internetΒ  <3





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